Disclaimer, Terms of Service, and Privacy Statement

Thank you for choosing Tshirtsbros.com for your custom apparel, merchandise, graphic design, and/or web design needs. Please read the following Disclaimer, Terms of Service, and Privacy Statement (“Terms”) in detail as it applies to all of Icon Tshirtsbros.com  clients (“Clients”) and Icon Tshirtsbros.com  transactions with its Clients. The Terms may change at any time and without prior notice, so please check the Terms frequently. If you have any questions, please contact Tshirtsbros.com  at the contact information found herein.

By accessing Tshirtsbros.com website (the “Site”) or by processing a payment, or by signing Your Invoice, You, the Client, agree to all of the terms and conditions found in the Terms.

Screen Printing & Embroidery 


The turn around time on your order with   Tshirtsbros.com  starts when you have paid in full, we have all information required to complete your order (all artwork, working/correct tags, all fonts required for editable tags, all shipping info, etc.) & your Mocks have been approved. Delay in receipt of *any* of this info could result in production delays. Most Mocks are sent within 24 hours, after receiving payment and all necessary information. Our current turnaround time is 5-10 Business Days Average + Shipping. Complex orders/add-ons may increase turnaround. Delay in approval of mock ups could also result in production delays. Each finishing service will add extra time to the turnaround on orders, adding roughly 2 days per finishing to the turnaround time; especially for custom printed hang tags and other custom finishings including those not in stock. The most up-to-date turnaround time will be listed on your quote and invoice.

If you have a deadline for your order, it is very important that you let us know when placing your order; a rush fee may apply if there is not enough time to complete your order under normal circumstances. If you do not advise us about a due date until after your order has been paid for and processed in our system, we may not be able to accommodate your request. Any circumstances out of Tshirtsbros.com  control (ie: weather delays, shipping errors by the supplier, etc.) may also require more time and are not factored into the initial turnaround time estimate.


Orders must be paid in full before the order begins unless otherwise approved by Tshirtsbros.com  staff. If you pay via check, the turn around time schedule on your order will not begin until your check clears.

Example: Frank emails Tshirtsbros.com about placing a T-Shirt order. Tshirtsbros.com sends Frank a Quote. Frank approves the quote and  Tshirtsbros.com sends an Invoice. Frank waits 3 weeks, then pays for the order. Once payment is received, Tshirtsbros.com  places the order on the schedule.

Custom Artwork

All files must be 300 DPI or vector format. The design should be sized to the size you would like it to print. Text must be converted to outlines. Printing can only be as good as the artwork. Tshirtsbros.com  will not be responsible for poor quality printing due to poor artwork. Please see our file prep page for more details.Tshirtsbros.com  is not responsible for any misspellings, errors, or issues in your art file. We do our best to catch these errors and point them out to you, but we may not catch them all. If it is in your art file and on your approval, that is how we will print it.


If your company or organization requires Tshirtsbros.com  to be licensed to produce your custom apparel, you must disclose this information upon submission of your artwork and quote request. If your company or organization will require Tshirtsbros.com  to be a licensed vendor, we may not release your order until we are approved as a licensed vendor and have received the approval of your intended artwork from the licensing representative. There will be an additional lead time in printing your order of up to 48 hours for artwork approval by the licensing representative. Furthermore, licensing royalties will be added to the total cost of your order as Tshirtsbros.com  will be required to pay these fees. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us for more information.

 Custom Art Approval | Order Proofing

All artwork is to be approved via a digital mock-up through email. Artwork must be checked for spelling, color, sizes ordered, placement of the art, and accuracy of artwork by the customer. It is very important to look over every detail of the mockup, as this is how your garments will print.Tshirtsbros.com  will not accept responsibility for corrections not implemented and/or requested after artwork approval. Any modifications requested after customer approval will result in production delays and could require additional expenses. Any delays in the approval process longer than 24 hours after receipt of the mockup could result in production delays. Please note that rush orders of less than 50 garments may not receive proofs if you ask us to move forward as soon as possible while referencing your own submitted mock-up or print file/s. If this applies and you only submitted a mock-up, we will do our very best to recreate your design as closely as possible, however, please keep in mind that recreating artwork identical to a low-resolution mock-up or print file (anything under 300 DPI) is almost impossible especially under a rushed lead time. If you submitted print files and mock-ups for your rush order, we will use your exact print files (sizing, colors, & quality) to produce your prints and will use your mock-ups as placement guides. If you require a mock-up prior to production on rush orders (of under 50 garments), you must let us know as soon as you place your order or it will be difficult to meet your deadline.

Max Imprint Sizes

Please note that not all shirts are sewn exactly the same. The following dimensions are to be used for reference as a “safe” zone to avoid printing on any seams or edges. Please check the individual product page for exact measurements for the product you are looking for.

  • Girls Small – 11” W x 18” H
  • Girls Medium – 12” W x 19” H
  • Girls Large – 12” W x 20” H
  • Girls Extra Large – 12” W x 21” H
  • Unisex Extra Small – 12” W x 20” H
  • Unisex Small – 13” W x 22” H
  • Unisex Medium – 15” W x 23” H
  • Unisex Large – 17” W x 24” H
  • Youth Small – 13” W x 13” H
  • Youth Medium – 13” W x 16” H
  • Youth Large – 14” W x 19” H

NOTE: Any print that goes over a seam can result in imperfections in the print. (Which can be very cool-looking, if you’re into that.)


Please note that by default we, like the rest of the industry, will use the same set of screens per design ordered; that is, the graphic will print the exact same size, no matter the size of the item we are printing on. If you would like to have different screen sizes made for different item sizes, please let us know ahead of time. Each set of screens will be considered a different order, with pricing and minimums, charged accordingly. Please keep the max imprint sizes in mind when printing girl and youth-sized shirts.

Example: Frank orders 40 Girls shirts and 60 Unisex shirts with the same design, but sizes the design differently for the two sets of shirts. Tshirtsbros.com  will have to make two sets of screens. Frank will be charged the 36-49 Quantity pricing for the Girls shirts and 50-99 Quantity pricing for the Unisex shirts, NOT the 100 Quantity pricing.

Out of Stock Items

Tshirtsbros.com  is not responsible for items that are out of stock. While we check items we know to have potential stock issues, all garments are ordered after your order is placed, and we cannot guarantee their availability. If items are out of stock, we will provide you with a list of possible replacements and get it approved by you before using your chosen item.

Collar & Seam Printing

Although Tshirtsbros.com  has the latest equipment available, inconsistencies may occur in registration and ink coverage when printing near or over the collar, seams, or any other edges. Any large prints may run the risk of going over the sleeve seam. These are all considered acceptable goods and will not be considered for reprints.

Hoodie Printing

Although Tshirtsbros.com  has the latest equipment available, inconsistencies may occur in registration and ink coverage when printing over the zipper, pockets or any other uneven surfaces. Tshirtsbros.com  will not be responsible for these inconsistencies.

Specific Measurements When Printing

Even though Icon Creativ’s printers have over 10 years of experience, there is no way to effectively and efficiently measure a distance from the collar on each shirt as each garment is loaded onto the press by hand. If you request a print that is 2” down from the collar, we will use that as a guide and do our best to make sure that all shirts hit that target, but not all shirts will hit exactly at 2”, they may be off by as much as an inch in either direction. This will not be considered a misprint and Tshirtsbros.com  will not reprint or refund these shirts.

Changes to Your Order After Payment

Any change made to your order that is not due to a stock issue on behalf of the stock suppliers will be subject to a change fee of $50.00 in addition to the additional costs to make the changes. Any changes to your order after it has been placed will delay your order, even if you have paid a rush fee and/or have given us a required date. It is very important that you do not place your order until you are certain that’s what you want. Once the process begins, everyone in our shop starts to work on different aspects of the job, changes become costly and time-consuming.

Example: Frank places an order for 100 Anvil 980 shirts in Black. Tshirtsbros.com  then orders the shirts to prepare for printing. Two days later, Frank wants to change the order to now print on 100 Anvil 980 White tees. Tshirtsbros.com has to re-write the order and ship the black shirts back to the supplier (paying a 15% restocking fee + shipping costs) then pay to have them ship new shirts out. Frank will be advised of these charges, if he wishes to proceed, Tshirtsbros.com  will send Frank an Invoice for the charges including any additional cost the change order has associated with it. Once this payment has been processed the order will continue to production. 

Cancellations & Restocking Fees

Cancellations made after order has been placed will be subject to a 15% restocking fee plus any additional fees required to cover services already rendered. No cancellations will be accepted once production or any manipulation of the garments (tag removal, printed tags, printing, hem tagging, etc.) has begun on the order.

Example: Frank places an order for 99 shirts. Tshirtsbros.com  then orders the shirts to prepare for printing. Two days later, Frank needs to cancel the order (for any reason). Tshirtsbros.com  has to return the shirts to the manufacturer, incurring shipping fees and restocking fees. Tshirtsbros.com  refunds John for their order minus necessary cancellation fees.

Must-Have Dates

Tshirtsbros.com  will do everything we can to meet any must-have date, but we cannot guarantee it. Rush fees may apply. The customer may be responsible for any expedited shipping charges associated with the order.


Tshirtsbros.com  cannot be responsible for any shipping delays caused by the shipping company.

Examples: UPS cannot deliver your package on time due to inclement weather. | UPS delivers your package to the wrong address (although provided the correct address) and you do not receive your products on time.


Just like you, we like to spend the holidays with our families and friends. For that reason, we are closed for the following holidays. These days will not be considered operational business days and will not count towards turn around time:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • The Day After Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • The Day After Christmas
  • New Year’s Eve
  • New Year’s Day

Under-Runs & Spoilage

Tshirtsbros.com  will not be responsible for under-runs or spoilage up to 3% on jobs of 100 shirts per design, and up to 10% on jobs of less than 100 pieces. We will gladly refund you the items that were not able to be included in your order, however, we cannot reprint the replacements for any orders without spoilage being equal to or more than 10 shirts per design. Please keep this in mind when ordering and let us know if you are ordering mandatory exact quantities. We can take extra precautionary measures including adding a small contingency fee in order to minimize the risk of not having a complete order. Please note that we always do our best to get you what you ordered. We will refund you the cost of any items shorted from your order but will not process a reprint for less than 10% of your order (or 10 shirts minimum).

Tshirtsbros.com  will not, at any time, be responsible for any lost in profits on items shorted from your order. (IE: If you paid Tshirtsbros.com  $7.50 per shirt, but you sell them or pre-sold them for $25.00; Tshirtsbros.com  is only responsible for refunding you the $7.50 you paid us for each shirt shorted in your order).

Returned Checks

There will be a $30.00 returned check fee.


Tshirtsbros.com  reserves the right to change pricing without notice. Please note that although the Tshirtsbros.com  website lists prices, these may not always reflect the final price on your quote and invoice. Fluctuations in pricing may be due to increases in garment, ink, labor, or many other cost influencing factors.

Example: Frank looks at the pricing on Icon Creativ’s website on Monday. On Tuesday, Tshirtsbros.com changes the pricing on their website due to rising cotton prices. Later that day, Frank contacts Tshirtsbros.com unaware that the prices have changed since the day before. Frank places an order and is charged the most up-to-date pricing. 

Garment Disclaimer

Tshirtsbros.com  is not responsible for manufacturer defects such as color inconsistencies, stitching errors, mislabeled garments, loose/inconsistent stitching, and/or garment defects (holes in garments, ripped seams, etc.). We try our hardest to inspect the garments as we print them, but we cannot guarantee each garment. We are not the manufacturers of these garments, so we cannot ensure their construction. We highly recommend ordering 5% extra of each size if an exact count is important.

Some manufacturers over-dye their garments. Over-dying is the process of re-dying a garment after it’s initial manufacturing period. This is done for any number of reasons, including color correction, clearing out of colors that didn’t sell (purple shirts aren’t selling so the manufacturer dyes them black to sell them as black shirts), etc. Because of this factor,Tshirtsbros.com cannot 100% guarantee exact color consistency on coloring with discharge printing or discharge based services sometimes referred to as “Premium Standard”. This is most noticeable on white ink prints (showing a slight off white tinge), but can sometimes be seen with other colors. If you are concerned about the possibility of over-dying on a garment you are interested in or would like more information or alternate print methods, please contact us. We will be glad to provide you with any information that may help you avoid this issue.

Satisfaction Clause

Tshirtsbros.com will not be responsible for your satisfaction with the garments printed on or the printed artwork, as satisfaction is subjective to personal opinion. We are always available to advise any customer to ensure you pick a garment that matches your needs but we also need you to do your due diligence on the garment choice. If you are unsure of what garment to select, we can gladly order a number of blank samples for you to choose from. The samples will be billed at a per piece rate and shipped without printing. Blank samples will not credit to the cost of your order unless specified at the time of your order.

Quality Assurance

We try to check every garment as it comes off of the press, but there are times where some mistakes will make it out the door. It is your responsibility as the customer to check over garments as you receive them. We allow an industry-standard 72 hour window from the time you receive the goods to notify us of any issues with the order. Tshirtsbros.com  will not be responsible for errors with your order if notified after 72 hours of receiving the goods (pickup, hand delivery, or shipping delivery date). Tshirtsbros.com  will not be responsible for any lost income, customers, accounts, and/or contracts if defective garments are sent out to your final customer. While Tshirtsbros.com does quality checks on the garments, the final quality assurance check lies in the hands of you, our customer.

Claims & Reprints

We go to great lengths to try to ensure that every order that leaves our facility is correct. All of our customers are valued customers, regardless of size, and we want you all to know that. Any order printed differently (a different design) than the mock-up approved will be granted a reprint of the defective product. All claims must be submitted within 72 hours of date of delivery. Please email us at support@betheicon.com to submit your claim. If  Tshirtsbros.com  is responsible for any errors in your order, we will gladly accept responsibility for the issues and will reprint the garments printed in error (order must be paid in full). We do not offer refunds. We will gladly reprint any production errors that exceed the spoilage rate stated in these Terms.

We will require that you ship or return the misprinted shirts to the address stated in these Terms. Tshirtsbros.com  will not be responsible for any shirts sold or given away prior to returning the order. Please also note that if you purchased items printed on a manual press (at live events), there is an allowable variance of 20% in imprint size, shape, color, location, and positioning between prints. If a large reprint claim must be filed, please return or submit photographs of all items to be considered for a reprint within 72 hours of date of delivery. We will need 5 business days to review your claim and will reproduce & deliver the approved reprints within 15 business days.

Example: Frank orders 100 shirts and sells 15. He then discovers a print defect within 72 hours of delivery that would quality the entire order for a reprint. He then returns the 85 remaining shirts to Tshirtsbros.com Tshirtsbros.com  is only responsible for the reprinting of the remaining 85 shirts Frank returned. 

Payment Responsibility

Tshirtsbros.com  provides split payment options (50?posit) upon request. However, the purchasing party is responsible for paying their order in full on or before the day their order is completed. Orders will not be released until the full payment has cleared. If a purchasing party takes possession of their order prior to paying their invoice in full, they will be given a courtesy call and email to remind them to process their full invoice. However, if no payment is made within thirty (30) days of taking possession of their order, a 40% interest charge will be added to the order. If no payment is made within forty-five (45) days of taking possession of their order, Tshirtsbros.com  will send the order to a collections agency.

Please contact us if you are having trouble paying for your order and we will try to help as best as we can.

Live Screen Printing 

All items purchased or acquired at live printing events do not qualify for reprints or refunds. Manual printing presses are only used at live printing events and may produce prints with inconsistencies or defects due to sometimes uncontrollable printing environments. Please be aware that these prints do not always represent the high-quality prints we produce during normal production in controlled environments using automated printing equipment.

Custom Apparel “Brand Incubator”

Tshirtsbros.com  has a “Brand Incubator” program which allows qualified clients, herein referred to as “Brand Owner”, to host and sell their customized apparel to their friends, family, fans, and customers. This program is intended to facilitate the start-up process for new entrepreneurs looking to start their own apparel brand on a budget. Please contact us for details and pricing.

Custom apparel or items to be sold on the Tshirtsbros.com  website and eCommerce platform must be produced and sold by Tshirtsbros.com 

Tshirtsbros.com  reserves the right to discontinue this service at any time for any client. Tshirtsbros.comwill only disburse payments to the designated brand owner from profits incurred from the sales of their custom products produced and sold byTshirtsbros.com. Tshirtsbros.com will collect any and all fees associated with the sales of their products prior to determining final profit; including sales tax, e-commerce fees, website fees, shipping fees, handling fees, and any other expense incurred by the sales. Profits will be calculated on every Friday and will be based on weekly sales ending on Thursdays at 11:59pm CST. If sales result in no profit or loss, Tshirtsbros.com will not disburse any payments for those sales.

If the brand owner is responsible for shipping orders, they must do so within 48 hours of each item’s purchase date. Brand owners must also inform Tshirtsbros.com that an order has been shipped and must supply Tshirtsbros.com with a tracking number for that order. If an order is lost or returned, the brand owner is responsible for all incurred expenses due to the return of that order. If Tshirtsbros.com must issue a refund to the brand owner’s client for a returned order, the brand owner will incur all costs associated with the refund.Tshirtsbros.com is not responsible for any cost incurred from the Brand Incubator program, brand owners are held fully responsible for all costs and expenses associated with the sales of their products.

Please contact us with any further questions.


Website Design

In consultation with You, Tshirtsbros.com will design and construct a custom website. Please note that after the initial design consultation has been completed or once Your first payment has been processed, Tshirtsbros.com may begin work on Your website and therefore will not issue any refunds unless stated as part of your purchased plan. Due to the usage of  Tshirtsbros.com resources, Tshirtsbros.com will be unable to issue refunds once any work on Your project has started.

You understand that Your website will generally take up to four to six weeks to complete once work has commenced; this is a general guideline and is not a firm deadline. Depending on the complexity of Your website and the number of changes required, Your website can take longer or shorter to complete.

Tshirtsbros.com agrees to build Your website to the specifications quoted and detailed in the original invoice. Please note that any additional features requested that were not in the original invoice will be quoted at a separate price.


If Your Invoice for Your website includes the “Text assistance and placement” feature, Tshirtsbros.comwill create up to ten pages (up to 350 words each page), unless otherwise noted on Your Invoice, of custom written content for Your website based on information You provide to Tshirtsbros.com plus standardized pages about various services You offer, but this Invoice feature does not include writing blog posts if Your website has a blog. If Your Invoice does not include the “Text assistance and placement” feature, You must provide Your own written content, and Tshirtsbros.comis not responsible for spelling or grammar errors of such content. You understand that it is Your responsibility to ensure the correct content is submitted to Tshirtsbros.com in a timely manner. All photos, images, and written content must be delivered to Tshirtsbros.com in a digital format and must follow all copyright laws.


Once Your project is ready for review, Tshirtsbros.com requests that if You have any changes, You create one list of all requested revisions. Once the website goes “live,” You agree that Tshirtsbros.com has satisfactorily rendered its services, that the website is functional to Your satisfaction, and that You have approved all content and design of Your website. Once You approve of your project to go “live”, you will be billed and will be held responsible for completing the final payment within 48 hours.
Tshirtsbros.com offers a satisfaction guarantee. If You are not satisfied with Your completed project, You will not be required to make the final payment. However, if the final payment is not made, Your project will remain Icon Creativ’s property and will not be released or posted “live”. If Your project has already been posted live, it will be removed and taken off the web completely.


If included in your purchased plan, Tshirtsbros.com  monthly website management service and support include changes and updates to Your website. If at any time You need to make a change to Your website, please contact Tshirtsbros.com and our staff will be happy to make the requested change. Please note that these changes cannot include any feature or option that was not paid for in Your initial Invoice. If changes outside of Your initial Invoice are requested, You will be provided with a separate quote for said changes.

All domain names, logos, marketing materials, and website designs purchased or created by Tshirtsbros.com remain Icon Creativ’s sole property until You have paid all amounts invoiced and paid all service fees incurred during the monthly hosting service period in Your Invoice. Written content created by Tshirtsbros.com remains the intellectual property of Tshirtsbros.com, but Tshirtsbros.com grants You a permanent, non-exclusive license to use such content on Your website after Tshirtsbros.com receives payment in full of Your Invoice.


Some of the utilities provided by Tshirtsbros.com for use on Your website access files and/or resources that are not on Your website. Such utilities may not work if You move Your website to another host, and Tshirtsbros.com is under no obligation to make them work under those circumstances.

Monthly Payment Option

Tshirtsbros.com offers an optional monthly payment plan. Subject to Icon Creativ’s approval, in its sole discretion, Tshirtsbros.com may offer a monthly payment plan. If You elect to utilize the monthly payment plan, You are required to execute a monthly payment commitment that is structured from the date of sale. The terms and conditions of the said commitment are incorporated into the Terms. You agree to pay one payment per month on the due date of each month for twelve months. If You default on a payment, Tshirtsbros.com may commence necessary collection procedures. These procedures may include, but are not limited to, the use of third-party collection services or attorneys and reporting the delinquency or default against Your credit report. You agree to pay all costs of collection, including but not limited to attorney’s fees, fees and costs, and court costs.

Split Payment Option

Subject to Icon Creativ’s approval, in its sole discretion, Tshirtsbros.com may offer a split payment option in which the initial contract payment is split into two parts. You understand the fact that Tshirtsbros.com is expending resources on the design, construction, and hosting of Your website which may exceed the amount of Your first payment. Under normal circumstances, your website will be complete within 4 to 6 weeks from the date of Your Invoice; however, if Your website is not complete 60 days after the date of Your Invoice due to Your delay in responding to Tshirtsbros.com requests for information needed to complete the design and/or construction of Your website, You authorize Tshirtsbros.com to charge the second payment.




Legal Info

Conditions for Use of  Tshirtsbros.com Web Sites

Please read these terms of use carefully.  If you proceed to use this site, you are agreeing to abide by these rules.

All images and text are the property of Tshirtsbros.com(hereafter referred to at “Tshirtsbros.com”) and may not be downloaded, distributed, stored, reused, reposted, modified or otherwise used except as provided herein without the express written permission of Tshirtsbros.com.

Tshirtsbros.com reserves the right to make additions, deletions, or modifications to the information at any time without prior notification. Tshirtsbros.com actively enforces its intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law.

Copyright Notice

This site is produced by Tshirtsbros.com. Tshirtsbros.com gives you permission to copy documents published by Tshirtsbros.com on the World Wide Web for noncommercial use only, provided any copy of these documents that you make shall retain all copyright and other proprietary notices contained herein.Tshirtsbros.com hereby authorizes you to copy, for noncommercial use only, documents or pages published by Tshirtsbros.com on this World Wide Web site, provided that any copy of these documents or pages that you make shall retain all copyright or other proprietary notices and any disclaimers contained herein.  Unauthorized reproduction of  Tshirtsbros.com Web sites and the material and/or information elements that comprise them is strictly prohibited.

Nothing contained herein shall be construed as conferring, by implication, estoppel or otherwise, any license or right under any patent or trademark of Tshirtsbros.com or any third party. Except as expressly provided above, nothing contained herein shall be construed as conferring any license or right under and Icon Tshirtsbros.com copyright.

Links to Other Sites

As a usefull resource to our visitors, Tshirtsbros.com provides links to other Web sites.  However, certain links on this site lead to resources located on servers maintained by third parties over whom Tshirtsbros.com has no control.  We cannot guarantee and make no representations as to the accuracy of any Web site to which we provide a link or reference.  Links to other sites are provided only as a convenience to users of our site.

Information Deemed Nonconfidential

Should any viewer of the Tshirtsbros.com Web site respond with information, including feedback data, questions, comments, suggestions, ideas, or the like (excluding personally identifiable information such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, or certain health information as discussed below in the Privacy Statement), such information shall be deemed to be nonconfidential, and Tshirtsbros.comshall have no obligation of any kind with respect to such information and shall be free to reproduce, disclose, and distribute the information to others without limitation and to use any ideas, concepts, know-how, or techniques contained in such information for any purpose whatsoever, including, but not limited to, developing manufacturing, and marketing products incorporating such information.

Privacy Statement

Tshirtsbros.com is committed to respecting the privacy of its Web site visitors.

Some of the information we keep on our Web server is information that you volunteer to provide through forms and some is collected automatically.  For each visitor to our US Web sites, our server automatically recognizes the visitors’ domain name, but not the e-mail address.  We collect only aggregate information concerning which pages visitors access or visit and any information volunteered by the visitors, such as survey information and/or site registrations.  We analyze only the aggregate information provided by our Web site visitors with the goal of improving the content and services offered on our Web site.

Only when specifically requested by Website visitors will the information we collect be used to respond to visitors’ inquiries, fulfill e-mail messaging programs, and notify visitors about new content or services on our Web sites.

If you decide you no longer wish to receive postal mailing and/or e-mails from us, please let us know by sending an e-mail and telling us you no longer wish to receive postal mail and/or e-mail from us.  Please provide us with your exact name, postal address, and/or e-mail address.  We will be sure your name is removed from our mailing list.

We do not provide this data to third parties.

Use of “Cookies”

Some Tshirtsbros.com   may deposit certain bits of information called “cookies” in a visitor’s computer.  Cookies can tell us how and when pages in a Web site are visited and by how many people.  This technology does not collect an individual visitor’s identifying information; rather this information is in an aggregate form.  The purpose of this technology and the information it provides is again to help us improve our Web sites.

The policy regarding cookies applies to all Tshirtsbros.com Web sites in the U.S.  Should a specific site, or any portion thereof, deviate from this policy, Tshirtsbros.comv will clearly state the intended use of the information on that Web site or the specific subsection of that Web site.  Personally, identifiable information will not be sold, rented or exchanged with any other organization or entity unless the user is first notified and expressly agress to it, or as otherwise required by law.

Any change to this privacy policy will be communicated promptly on this page.

Privacy Statement

Tshirtsbros.com  understands that privacy online is important to its Clients.

Upon purchasing products or services from Tshirtsbros.com, Tshirtsbros.com may collect additional personal information including, but not limited to: credit card numbers, account number, bank account information, other financial or business information, Your personal clientele information, and any combination of personal information that could be used to determine Your or third parties’ identity(ies) (“Personally Identifiable Information”).

Except as set forth herein, Tshirtsbros.com does not share Your Personally Identifiable Information with any other third party; however, due to the nature of outsourcing and special circumstances, Tshirtsbros.com will obtain written permission to use Your website for prospective Clients prior to disclosure.

Tshirtsbros.com uses Personally Identifiable Information to customize the Site, to make appropriate service offerings, and to fulfill buying and selling requests on the Site.

Personally, Identifiable Information collected byTshirtsbros.com is securely stored and is not accessible to third parties or employees of Tshirtsbros.com except for use as indicated herein.

Tshirtsbros.com has entered into and will continue to enter into partnerships and other affiliations with a number of vendors. Such vendors may have access to certain Personally Identifiable Information on a need to know basis for evaluating authorized Clients for service eligibility. Tshirtsbros.com privacy policy does not cover the vendor’s collection or use of this information.

Tshirtsbros.com will disclose Personally Identifiable Information in order to comply with a court order or subpoena or a request from a law enforcement agency to release information. Tshirtsbros.com will also disclose Personally Identifiable Information when reasonably necessary to protect the safety of our visitors and authorized Clients.

All of our employees are familiar with Icon Creativ’s security policy and practices. The Personally Identifiable Information of our visitors and authorized Clients is only accessible to a limited number of qualified employees who are given a password in order to gain access to the information. Tshirtsbros.com audits its security systems and processes on a regular basis. While Tshirtsbros.com takes commercially reasonable measures to maintain a secure site, electronic communications and databases are subject to errors, tampering, and break-ins, and Tshirtsbros.com cannot, and does, guarantee or warrant that such events will not take place and Tshirtsbros.com will not be liable to visitors or authorized Clients for any such occurrences.